Sycophancy & God !!

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Sycophancy & God !!

''Ae pooja ki aayina ela Vigneshwarudu ki dannam peti modali pettudam, ala, ee function koda Chiranjeevi garu ki dannam peti modali pettudam!''

This is the statement of the No.1 Director of Telugu Cinema,Trivikram Srinivas towards Shri.Chiranjeevi garu. This is also the statement which has taken the entire Telugu World by storm.

As usual, this statement has been lapped up by fans, like a delicious Kolatta Rosgulla. Same time, it has been trolled by a certain section of Media as 'Sycophancy'. Anti fans have been understandably silent out of fear of loosing Trivikram for any future movies with their heroes.

Does Trivikram need sycophancy? And is Trivikram right in comparing Chiranjeevi to God?? These are the 2 questions which come to us after hearing Trivikram's speech.

My personal take is, Trivikram does not need to be a sycophant, and neither he is one. He is the No.1 Director of Telugu Cinema, and does not need Mega Family to survive. At the same time, one also has to note that he is Pawan Kalyan's best friend. And, friends do tend to get over board at times.

Having said that, it is not right to give a God status to a Human Being, however great that Human Being is. Which Shri Chiranjeevi Garu no doubt is. The Telugu people r already suffering by giving God status to the late NTR. They sure can do without another God.

Again having said that, being the Ordinary Mortal that he is, Shri Chiranjeevi garu was himself surprised by this statement, and expressed a strange facial expression which I think was a combination of surprise and disapproval to this statement from Trivikram.

I do hope celebrated and mature Film Personalities desist themselves from such statements in Public in future.

Written by : Surya rao

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