Tamanna coming with extra spicy

 December 10 2015 at 5:21   471    Tamanna Bengal Tiger Hot Rachcha Baahubali Sampath Nandi

Tamanna coming with extra spicy

A commercial director must have an artistic eye and it’s mandatory when dealing with star heroines with fabulous body. Film makers like Raj Kapoor and Raghavendra Rao have developed a new vision in exploring the beauties of heroines. That is why we speak so special about them and their films even today. Off late, very few among our directors have shown that promising sense in presenting the heroines and Sampat Nandi is sure to be one among them.

The recently out ‘Bengal Tiger’ pictures have been a real booster for the film, few hours before the release. Especially Tamanna is just fantabulous and so are the mass looks of Raviteja or stunning Rashi Khanna. Without an imaginative vision, a director cannot succeed in displaying those bewitching fragrance in his selected casting. After ‘Rachcha, Baahubali,’ surely Tamanna is dazzling with a heavenly look and audience can be best secured of having a visual feast in ‘Bengal Tiger’ songs.

Just few more hours left for these stunning pictures to come into on-screen reality and entertain us with mass, masala touch in powerful presence of Raviteja and exuberant music from Bheems. Let us wish all the best to 'Bengal Tiger'. 

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