TDP MLA Anitha slams on Roja

 March 18 2016 at 14:23   214    MLA Roja YSRCP TDP AP MLA Anitha AP assembly YS Jagan

TDP MLA Anitha slams on Roja

TDP leader Anita, MLA from Payakaraopeta speaking to scribes quested YSRCP leader Roja who got interim order from High Court which allowed her to attend the Andhra Pradesh assembly session. It is known that Roja was suspended from AP assembly for one year for using abusive language against Chandra Babu and also MLA Anitha. 

Anita speaking to scribes at assembly lobby said everyone is saying Roja got justice against the evil designs of Chandra Babu government at the High Court. She went on to ask YSRCP leaders who are claiming victory,who will to justice to her. 

She said AP assembly has taken action against Roja who used unparliamentary,derogatory and abusive language in the assembly. She questioned if High Court stays such action who will protect her rights. 

She questioned whether the High Court means that no one should act even if a dalit MLA was insulted?. She said even the ethics committee felt that Roja's words were in bad taste.She said  some YSRCP MLAs remarked to her what was wrong in Roja's words.

She said she was surprised at their behavior and also Roja who used abusive language in the assembly and now talking about democracy and rights of the members. She accused Jagan and YSRCP leaders of supporting adamant and arrogant Roja who didnot even wish to tender apology. She questioned how can Jagan and Co who accused Judiciary sometime back is singing praises of the same judiciary.

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