TDP shocking comments on Pawan Kalyan

 September 03 2015 at 6:32   574    TDP Pawan kalyan Janasena Payyavula keshav

TDP shocking comments on Pawan Kalyan

After the Finance Minister of Andhra Pradesh Yanamala Ramakrishnudu who made shocking comments on the Janasena party Chief Pawan Kalyan and got a fitting reply, here's another senior TDP Leader, MLC Payyavula Keshav who started the war again. What did Payyavula really comment about Pawan?

During the Council session, YSR Congress party MLC Rama Chandraiah pointed out at the flaws of the government and said that it came to power only with the support of Power Star Pawan Kalyan and the alliance partner BJP. He said that the win in the elections was not only TDP's credit.

Replying to these comments, Payyavula said that the win in the recent polls was just because of TDP and noboday else. He said that getting into alliance with Pawan Kalyan's Janasena and BJP did not increase the vote percentage at all. So, Keshav credited the win totally into TDP's account.

Coming to facts, Pawan's influence was surely seen in the vote percentage where Pawan attracted the BC sections and a good percentage of die heart fans. These comments are really not smoothening the relation and TDP leaders should be more careful when they speak about things that effect the party and its existence.

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