Telangana CID confirms EAMCET-2 Leakage

 July 27 2016 at 14:31   238    Telangana CID EAMCET JNTU

Telangana CID confirms EAMCET-2 Leakage

The Telangana CID on Wednesday confirmed the leakage of the EAMCET-2 question papers.

The CID said in all 30 students had benefited from the question paper leak. 

The CID has so far arrested three people in connection with the EAMCET paper leak. They included two staff members of the JNTU that conducts the Test. 

The CID revealed that two days prior to the exam, the question papers were leaked to the students who were taken to Benguluru and Mumbai for coaching of the leaked papers. They were then brought back to the exam halls just in time for the test.

Some others involved in the leakage racket were being interrogated. 

All the 30 students and their parents would be arrested, according to the CID.

The leakage must be broad based. To say just the 30 students had benefited is limiting the malady, because in every case of leakage there is profit to be made on a large scale. For instance, what would prevent those involved in the leakage to sell the leaked papers for profit, when the parents are willing to spend lakhs of rupees to benefit their children.

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