Telangana government, Cyware Labs to 'cyber-aware' employees

 February 23 2017 at 15:18   34    Telangana Government Cyber Employees

Telangana government, Cyware Labs to 'cyber-aware' employees

Cyber security awareness platform Cyware Labs and the Telangana government on Thursday announced they would make the government employees "cyber-aware" to report suspicious cybersecurity incidents.

Cyware Labs will deploy its cyber situational awareness and incident reporting solution 'Cyware Enterprise System' (CES) to educate the employees of the Telangana government about cyber-related issues.

"Cyber attacks are no more fantasy but reality, and lack of awareness in employees makes it easy for hackers to steal sensitive government data and information. With Cyware, we are proactively bridging the cyber awareness deficit," said Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary, IT Ministry of the Telangana government.

With the help of its iOS and Android apps, Cyware will send employees real-time alerts, messages, notifications about the latest malware, vulnerabilities, scams and phishing techniques. 

"One of the major vulnerabilities working in favour of hackers is the lack of cyber awareness among people which makes it easy for hackers to use sophisticated techniques like 'Spear phishing' to successfully steal sensitive data," added Akshat Jain, co-founder of Cyware Labs.

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