Telangana House mum on cash-for-vote case

 September 22 2015 at 8:25   353    Cash for vote Scam Telangana Assembly AP CM KCR Revanth Reddy

Telangana House mum on cash-for-vote case

No political party in Telangana, including the TRS, seems to be interested in raising the cash-for-vote scam involving TD MLA A. Revanth Reddy in the Monsoon Session from Wednesday.

Out of the over 150 questions put up by MLAs of various political parties that were admitted by Speaker S. Madhusudana Chary, not one refers to either the cash-for-vote scam or the much publicised phone tapping allegations.

On Monday, representatives from various political parties attended the “draw of lots” and picked 40 questions from the 150-odd for the first four days of the Session.

The Legislature normally takes up issues, which have cropped up during the period between sessions, through various forms including questions in the House. It is known that the Assembly would have to meet before September 25 to fulfil the Constitutional necessity that six months shall not lapse between two sessions.

Yet no MLA thought it fit to submit a question on the scam.

Senior Congress MLA D.K. Aruna, who along with Dr Laxman, attended the draw of lots, said, “I don’t know why we have not put a question on the Revanth Reddy issue, maybe we have forgotten.”

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