Telangana MP cleaned toilets !!

 July 18 2016 at 6:27   162    Telangana MP Toilets TRS Konda Vishweswara Reddy Chevella PM Modi

Telangana MP cleaned toilets !!

Generally politicians donot practice what they preach. People donot care for the politicians as they are only interested in making personal gains rather than fight for the problems of the poor.

Similarly politicians too ignore people saying they only ask for freebies and hope to enjoy the current benefits rather than plan for the future and work for the development. 

In the midst of all this Telangana MP shocked all by cleaning toilets. It is comingout that Konda Vishweswara Reddy,Chevella MP cleaned toilets of schools in Chevella Mandal, Rangareddy district. This surprised many people who later appreciated MP's down to earth act. 

Vishweswar Reddy arranted a special toilent cleaner vehicle and he drove the vehicle to 11 shcools on his own and cleaned the toilets. He later asked schools to follow swachch bharat launched by PM Modi. 

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