Telegram app used by ISIS modules in India

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Telegram app used by ISIS modules in India

The National Investigation Agency and confessions by the ISIS modules in India prove that mobile apps like Telegram are prefered by the modules for safe communication by the IS groups who are said to number 200 in each. 

Security-related factors, uploading capacity and time-bound deletion of chat messages were among the reasons for the ISIS elements using the app. 

The Hyderabad modules used Telegram. The accused had created numerous groups with interesting titles such as `Memoirs of Mujahideen', Bus News, Caliphate Cyber Army and Radical Girl using Telegram. 

The IS operative in Hyderabad, Muzafar Hussain Rizwan, had confessed before the judge at the Secunderabad Criminal Court under Section 164 of the Criminal Procedure Code -- a confession before a judge before commencement of trial-- that cannot be retracted. Two others became approvers and the court accepted their request, too.

The pan-India ISIS module, Junood-ul-Khilafa-Fil-Hind, uses Telegram app. Five Hyderabadis are there in this module. They are Mohamed Nafees, Abu Anas, Mohammed Sharif, Moinuddin Khan, Mohammed Obidulla Khan. They all used Telegram.

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