Telugu Actors Won Nadigar Sangam Elections

 October 19 2015 at 10:51   476    

Telugu Actors Won Nadigar Sangam Elections After having High drama finally young star Vishal team won the prestigious South Indian Film Artistes Association which is called as Nadigar Sangam Elections. The elections were held on yesterday in Tamil nadu where there was big fight between Vishal and actors Sarath Kumar who has been working as President of Nadigar Sangam from past 15 years continuously. Nasser was elected as Nadigar Sangam president with 1344 votes by defeating three-time president Sarath Kumar, who secured 1231 votes. Actor Vishal was elected as general secretary of Nadigar Sangam with 1445 votes and his rival Radha Ravi could get 1138 votes. Karthi was elected the treasurer with 1493 votes. Vishal's team won the elctions 5-0 and Vishal, Nasser and Karthi had emerged victorious as the new General Secretary, President and Treasurer. Karunas and Ponvannan from Vishal team made it 5-0 winning the remaining vice president posts. Election official Justice E Padmanabhan officially announced the results. After election official announced the results, Ex-president Sarath Kumar says, “It is like losing in a game. There was no corruption in the deal that we signed. I will co operate and support Nasser. If they don't go through with the deal, we will once again explain the deal in General Body meeting." Actually the fight between Vishal & Sarath Kumar was occurred due to Nadigar Sangam building which was collapsed under Ex- Nadigar Sangam President Sarath supervision for building new shopping complex in place of association building, Vishal openly opposed Sarath Kumar’s deal of constructing shopping complex in place of Nadigar Sangam Building. Vishal promised that he will reconstruct the Nadigar Sangam Office at the same place during his election Champaign.
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