Terror Telugu Movie Review

 February 26 2016 at 7:05   437    Srikanth Nikhita Kota Srinivas Rao 30 yrs Prithvi Ravi Varma and Nasser

Terror Telugu Movie Review

Srikanth, Nikhita's Terror directed by Satish Kasetti was released today. The movie which is presented under the Akhanda Bharath Creations is penned and directed by Satish Kasetty. Let us see what impact the film was made on movie lovers.

Story line

The film was about a Police Man called Vijay who is dedicated and sincere towards his work. Vijay (Srikanth) gets suspended on corruption charges and for inaction based on the complaint by his dad (Nazar). MLA Ravi (30yrs Prithvi) helps Srikanth to annul his suspension. During one his investigations, Vijay finds out a small clue that something big is going to happen in the city on Independence Day. To find out more about it watch Terror on silver screen.

Plus points

Srikanth himself is a big asset for this film.

Screenplay of the film is very good and does not deviate from the topic even for a minute.

Ravi Varma and Nasser do their jobs pretty well.

The background score seems apt for the situations.

Kota Srinivas Rao, 30 yrs Prithvi are also big strengths

Minus points

Lack of commercial elements

Predictable Twists

Weak Climax


Director Satish Kasetti came with powerful story on terrorism which is novel in Tollywood.  This is not a film which has popcorn entertainment and the regular masala which you are used to. Right from start to finish he did not deviate from the topic with commercial elements and this is the biggest plus.

Terror will be memorized as a welcome change from the sea of commercial mindless potboilers that’s hurled at us every week at the movies.

Movie marks

Terror is a finicky Thriller with humdrum Twists.

Rating : 2.5/5

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