Threat to CM KCR & MP Kavitha !!

 December 05 2015 at 7:08   266    Maoists TRS CM KCR Kavitha Encounters Fake Farmers Telanagana Nizamabad

Threat to CM KCR & MP Kavitha !!

Threat of maoists to the country is increasing with each passing day. Though sympathisers of maoists advocate dialogue and rehabilitation for maoists by solving the problems of tribals, maoists are joining hands with various terror and insurgent groups to get sophisticated weapons to create terror.

Before the formation of Telangana intelligence inputs warned of increased maoist activity if the state was divided. However Union Government went ahead to divide the state. During that time maoists supported TRS party led by KCR but after the formation of Telangana, differences increased between CM KCR and maoists.

Now maoists are intensifying their fight against TRS regime by even coming out with posers against CM KCR and his daughter Kavitha allegin that they are indulging in fake encounters. They attacked them for not fulfilling the promises given to the people. Maoists accused KCR for not consoling the families of farmers who committed suicides.

It is coming out that maoists movement is increasing in various districts of Telanagana. TRS led government became alert and according to sources increased security to Nizamabad MP Kavitha.

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