TN Elections : Jayalalitha promises to close TASMAC shops

 April 12 2016 at 9:02   364    Jayalalitha Tamil Nadu Elections Liquor Ban DMDK ADMK

TN Elections : Jayalalitha promises to close TASMAC shops

Election Drama in Tamil Nadu has reached its peak and the biggest one has came from former actress and current Chief Minister Jayalalitha herself. ADMK Chief and Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Jalayalalitha has promised phased prohibition of liquor if she gets re-elected.

The funny thing is, she has repeated in various forums that it is impossible to shut down liquor trade in Tamil Nadu. Few months back, she even arrested folk singer Kovan for criticizing Jayalalitha over her reluctance to ban liquor trade in the state.

Also two months back Minister for prohibition and excise Natham Viswanthan declared in assembly that Liquor prohibition is not possible in the state. But now with elections around the corner, ADMK Chief Jayalalitha has said she will take necessary steps to prohibit liquor in the state.

Only people of Tamil Nadu should realize whether it is an election drama or Public welfare. Most of the parties are lashing out and criticizing Jayalalitha for this election drama and fake promises. DMDK Chief Vijayakanth said that Jayalalitha kept muted response these 5 years, and now to get back throne she makes fake promises again.

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