Top politician insults Indian Army

 November 30 2015 at 10:29   518    Insults Indian Army Politician India Jammu Pakistan Farooq Abdullah

Top politician insults Indian Army

Indian Army is known for its daring exploits and entire world recognises its capabilities. Peace loving Indian Army participated in many daring rescue operations and also negated many attempts from the neighbouring countries to attack India.

Indian Army created record by establishing a post at the world's coldest place Siachen glacier and is protecting Kashmir amidst great difficulties experiencing various pulls and pressures from the third rate politicians who always put personal gains above national interest.

They even forget the fact that soldiers laid their lives and are continuing to do so to protect them. Now  Jammu and Kashmir's top politician Farooq Abdullah who worked as chief minister and also union minister in various governments insulted Army saying brave soldiers cannot fight terrorists and protect the country and their people and so let Pak Occupied Kashmir be with Pakistan.

This is grave injustice and insult not only to Indian army but all patriotic Indians. Many are deploring his statements but anti national elements are praising him.

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