Tragic opening for Selfie Raja !!

 July 18 2016 at 6:24   170    Selfie Raja Allari Naresh Sakshi Chudhary Sharwanand

Tragic opening for Selfie Raja !!

Comedy King Allari Naresh's Selfie Raja opened to disastrous talk and reviews on its release day, but the movie is performing decently in domestic market. However it put up a disastrous show in Overseas as the makers have sent corrupted discs to all the locations and Premieres could not be screened as a result.

And then with all those bad to very bad reviews, there are no takers for the film even though, the mistake is corrected. The movie just collected a paltry $38 from one location, the movie is screened which means it will result in massive loss venture. On Saturday, with the collections had just managed $10, taking the total $48.

Its high time Allari Naresh, realize the issues plaguing his career and try to rectify them. He had already churned out 10 disasters after his last hit, Sudigadu in 2012. He has another film, Intlo Deyam Nakenti Bayam directed by G.Nageshwar Reddy in pipeline. He is also lining up a straight Tamil movie in Samudrakhani.

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