Trisha having fun hot Private Parties

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Trisha having fun hot Private Parties

Former Miss Chennai beauty pageant, Trisha gets more attention and attraction. Her marriage was cancelled earlier due to some unknown issue. But that never stopped the actress from partying hard. She still has the habit of having fun and used to enjoy a lot in parties.

She has her own farm house at East coast road in Chennai and it is said that every week she conducts party for her friends, which has become a fashion now a days. Right now she is in London for shoot of 'Mohini' and before leaving to London, she has kept a fun-filled party for her close friends. It is said that Trisha and everyone were boozed and were dancing without their senses.

Sources said, as things got heat, Trisha insisted her friends to come neatly dressed and behave in a decent manner. But neither her friends came properly dressed or they behaved decently. It was a 'Wild Party'. A source said, even cops rushed to the spot, but they walked out as they were bribed a huge sum.

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