Trivikram trying to patch-up Pawan Kalyan, Bandla Ganesh

 March 04 2017 at 9:35   33    Bandla Ganesh Sachiin Joshi NTR Pawan Kalyan Meera Chopra

Trivikram trying to patch-up Pawan Kalyan, Bandla Ganesh

A gossip made rounds in the Telugu film industry that there are differences of opinion between popular comedian-producer Bandla Ganesh and Power Star Pawan Kalyan. It is worth mentioning here that Bandla Ganesh had become a star producer overnight after the success of Gabbar Singh directed by Harish Shankar with the Power Star as hero.

Surprisingly, Bandla Ganesh is a hardcore fan of Pawan Kalyan and now the gossip says that it is allone-sided affair and Pawan Kalyan did never reciprocate a similar affection towards Ganesh. However, the latter claims that theirs is a two-sided love affair. It is rumoured that after differences of opinion erupted between the two, Trivikram Srinivas came to his rescue and had mediated a patch-up bid between the two and he reportedly succeeded in it.

When it comes to politics, Bandla Ganesh agreed to join Power Star’s Janasena Party and would also contest with apre-condition that Janasena should also go for elections in Telangana as well. Otherwise, he will not contest and simply remain as a regular party worker and continue to work as a true follower of Pawan Kalyan. He made it sure that he will not contest in elections in Andhra Pradesh.

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