Troubles continuing for farmers

 January 08 2016 at 8:31   358    Troubles Farmers AP CM KCR Telangana Chandrababu

Troubles continuing for farmers

The common thing between KCR and Chandrababu Naidu is definitely the farmers. Both the chief minister ensure that farmers are kept at bay. When it comes to Andhra Pradesh, the crop loss is not compensated and due to lack of water and irrigation.

Also Naidu said that the farmers will not be disturbed when the new capital will be built. But the promise was taken a complete U-Turn and this has caused more worries for farmers. Already there has been huge buzz regarding the Land acquisition act and everyone were against.

Even Pawan Kalyan said that government should drop the idea. There is a proposed expressway between Amaravathi and Hyderabad and if the plan bears fruition, at stake will be the existence of Krishnayapalem and surrounding villages.

In case of Telangana, the number of suicides are higher. Farmers are committing suicides and the government is just keeping mum. So when will the light be shown on farmers ? Which Government will wake up to the tears of farmers ?

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