Troubles for Kaththilantodu?

 July 12 2016 at 6:53   202    Chiranjeevi Catherine Tresea Kaththi Anushka AR Murugadoss Story EROS Lyca Productions Kaththilantodu

Troubles for Kaththilantodu?

The comments made by Kodandarami Reddy on Chiranjeevi appear to be partially right. When Mega Star is striking back at big screens after a very big gap of 8 years, both his Fans and common audience expect big blast entertainment with all new commercial ingredients intact. Analyzing from all possible perspectives, ‘Kaththilantodu’ is a good story and right script to match the caliber of Chiranjeevi but there are many constraints.

First and foremost limitation is, majority of enthusiastic Telugu audience have watched the original Tamil version ‘Kaththi’ as and when the news of possible remake is leaked by media friends. When the story is wide open and script misses to generate curiosity, director should become a savior in presenting hero and his heroism in new light. Reports from ‘Kaththilantodu’ production unit are suggesting on Vinayak merely following his regular heroic and stardom projection techniques tested umpteen times and the area where he is brandished at.

Will this kind of stuff be enough for Chiranjeevi? When expectations are over sky, Vinayak has to attempt something novel in narration. Apparently, original Tamil script is by itself clamping down the creativity. With a popular storyline and familiar script, how far Chiranjeevi’s message can garner a commercially hit verdict?

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