Troubles for Thaman ?

 September 25 2015 at 6:00   338    Troubles Thaman Plagiarism BruceLee Music

Troubles for Thaman ?

S.S.Thaman is on a critical situation. The composer never made any catchy tunes in recent times. Even his background score was not impressive and not as spine-chilling as it used to be.

When it comes to Tamil movies, he just reuses his old Telugu tunes and when it comes to new Telugu tunes he struggles. Most of music buffs pass critics against Thaman that his music lacks the pep and he also faced plagiarism accusations.

The composer now has got a big chance to answer all his critics. He needs to prove his mettle with 'BruceLee'. He is taking extra care to shape up each song and is working more edgy and stylish in terms of background score.

The sound is currently being mastered at Manhattan, New York, USA based sound-recording studio by couple of famous sound recording engineers. Thaman who is having a poor success rate is keen to turn his fortunes.

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