TRS-MIM secret exposed !!

 January 31 2016 at 7:44   219    GHMC Elections TRS TDP BJP Congress MIM Hyderabad KTR Telangana

TRS-MIM secret exposed !!

Ruling TRS party is known for its aggressive ways and under KCR leadership, it crushed entire opposition. Analysts expected the party to adopt the same aggressive stand during GHMC elections and crush Owaisi's MIM too.

Opposition parties Congress and TDP-BJP combine suspected secret understanding between KCR's TRS and Owaisi's MIM for muslim votes as MIM will always get closer to the ruling party to enjoy power.

Owaisi's silence on KCR during the campaign made many look at him in suspicion and it was confirmed now by CM KCR's comments. Speaking to scribes he said MIM is friendly party and if needed will take its support.

While his son KTR and his daughter Kavitha attacked Owaisi's MIM branding it as communal, KCR shocked all by questioning “Who said MIM is a communal party?“ and added MIM is a friendly party.

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