TRS started attacking Kodandaram indirectly !!

 July 08 2016 at 5:14   295    Kodandaram Telangana JAC KCR TRS Suicide Farmers

TRS started attacking Kodandaram indirectly !!

Increase in the suicides of farmers is becoming the most burning problem in two telugu states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Despite media and opposition taking up the issue and blasting the lethargic attitude of the Government and officials in finding a solution to end the problems of the farmers, ruling party especially TRS led by KCR has been vehemently denying them. 

In turn TRS started attacking media branding it as yellow media for magnifying one off incidents. TJAC chairman Prof.Kodandaram who played key role in the formation of Telangana along with Pakala Srihari Rao, D.Narsihma Reddy and others approached High Court against the Government accusing it of not doing enough for the farmers. 

They even submitted list of farmers who committed suicide and whose families didn't get the compensation. High Court after hearing the petition blasted Kodandaram and others for including the names of farmers who are verymuch alive in the list of those who committed suicide. 

On its part Government stated that it is taking all steps to help the families of the deceased farmers. Court directed the government to submit status report on suicides and why it rejected compensation for some with in two weeks. 

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