Trump to donate presidential salary !!

 March 15 2017 at 6:14   34    Trump USA Indian President

Trump to donate presidential salary !!

Donald Trump has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons since he run for Presidential Polls. For the first time ever, This business tycoon has been appreciated by one and all unanimously.

Throughout his presidential campaign, Donald Trump pledged to take a single dollar per year as his salary if he becomes the 45th US President. He now comes forward to donate of his presidential salary of USD 400,000 for Charity. So, Trump would take home just one dollar per year during his term as President.

Apparently, Two formers US Presidents John F Kennedy & Herbert Hoover have also donated their salaries to charity. Now, Trump joins the elite club for a good reason and this should be seen as his first big contribution to the Americans.

Why don't Trump spend from his pocket for security and travel expenses of his family members? If he could do that, More people will appreciate him.

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