TS sure to beat 2,000 MW gap

 November 13 2015 at 14:53   207    Telangana Power plants TS govt

TS sure to beat 2,000 MW gap

The demand for power in Telangana is likely to jump to around 210 million units a day by March 2017 against the average 141 million units per day being supplied now.

The TS government is already purchasing 2,000 MW from private power plants to overcome the shortage in the state and meet the 145 MU per day demand. As per projected demand for the next two years the state will require 174 million units a day by March 2016 and 209 MU from March 2017.

This shortage of 2,000 MW is being purchased from power plants like Meenakshi, Simhadri, Nava Bharat, Thermal Power Tech and JSW. The PPA with these companies will continue up to June 2016 and there won’t be any shortage of power during summer, the officials said.

The officials are confident that there won’t be any power cuts either in the coming summer or the next as addition of generation capacity projects are on track. Over 2,000 MW additional capacity will be installed in Telangana by May 2016, they said.

“We are comfortable on the power front. In fact the chairman and MD of (APGenco and AP-Transco) Mr D. Prabhakar Rao has set the process for TS to become power surplus. We are making arrangements for 9-hour power supply during the day to the agriculture sector from April/May 2016,” TS Transco director, grid operations, Mr G. Narsing Rao said.

Officials said they have already been able to meet the highest power demand of 165 million units a day in the state on October 16. Unlike in the past, the TS government is not purchaing power from private firms at high costs like `13 a unit. The government is purchasing power at less than Rs 5 a unit, officials said.

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