TV anchor Prasanthi turned Prostitute !!

 October 05 2015 at 5:16   601    Prasanthi Prostitute Affair Tollywood

TV anchor Prasanthi turned Prostitute !!

Telugu TV anchor Prasanthi has created a storm when the photos from her debut film ‘Affair’ were released. By playing the role of a lesbian in the movie, the hot images in intimate positions with another actress were first of its kind for Tollywood movie goers.

Now, Prasanthi has heard to have gone a step ahead for her new film. This hot TV anchor is roped in to play a prostitute in this film. She will also do a bold scene in the film, which will be the boldest scene ever to appear on Telugu cinema screen.

Makers said that many actresses rejected to accept this movie because of that scene, but Prasanthi proved that she is the fearless girl of Tollywood.

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