TV9 Into KCR Hands !!

 March 19 2016 at 5:37   421    TV 9 CM KCR Telangana Rameshwar Rao Ravi Prakash

TV9 Into KCR Hands !!

Tv9, the leading news channel in two Telugu speaking states is getting a makeover. If reports are to be believed, Tv9 channel ownership is sold to Telangana CM KCR’s close aide Jupally Rameshwar Rao, Chairman of My Homes Constructions. Although, details behind this deal are yet to come out but it came as a surprise for all the media persons because Tv9 is top on ratings and price for this pact would be obviously unbelievable.

Rameshwar Rao maintains very close association with KCR and many of us should believe Telangana CM as kingpin behind whole episode. This move gives KCR an indomitable edge for TRS in Telangana state and entire media comes under his control. Of course, Tv9 channel management is planning to sell complete stake from last few weeks but none of the deals came so close.

When Rameshwar Rao and KCR decided to go for the final negotiation, it was said to be channel CEO Ravi Prakash successfully completed the mediation with other promoters and closed the shift. We need to wait and see to learn about more details.

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