Twists and turns in Sheena Bora murder case

 August 28 2015 at 13:01   464    Murder Sheena Bora Bollywood CEO Peter Mukherjee

Twists and turns in Sheena Bora murder case

Sheena Bora's murder case has been witnessing many twists. Police has been investigating the case against her own mother Indrani Mukherjee, former media executive, who has been arrested by Mumbai police on the ground that she sketched the murder plan.It has been reportedly learnt that there are two main reasons about the murder mystery. 

One reason is that Indrani Mukherjee's step son Rahul Mukherjee has reportedly established relationship with Sheena Bora and another reason is reportedly complicated financial agreement between them. Apart from Indrani Mukherjee, her driver and ex-husband Sanjay Khanna were also arrested. The driver has reportedly helped police in investigating the case and highlighting the crime story.

On the other hand, former husband,Star TV former CEO Peter Mukherjee expressed shock stating that it is unable to digest on coming to know that Indrani killed her daughter. However, he confirmed that his son had a relationship with Sheena Bora. Watch the crime story. 

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