Vinayak to file a case on Nithin !!

 December 02 2015 at 4:32   321    Akhil Vinayak Case Sayesha Saigal Nithin Film Chamber

Vinayak to file a case on Nithin !!

Few days ago we heard a news that VV Vinayak will be the first director in Telugu to bear some of the losses of the distributors of his Akhil. The reports said he is returning 3 Crore to the distributors who lost money on this film. While we could not verify the authenticity of this news, it is now revealed that he is gearing up to file a case with Film Chamber on Nithin.

Nithin as the producer of the film committed for a remuneration of 12 Crore to Vinayak. Nithin paid him 8 Crore before the release and according to the commitment, he should give remaining amount after the movie release. But both Nithin and his father Sudhakar Reddy are avoiding Vinayak after the movie debacle.

Vexed up with their attitude, Vinayak is gearing up to file a complaint in Film Chamber on Nithin. Nithin had lost big on the film. The movie which had seen a pre-release business of 47 Crore now will hardly collect 18 Crore share now. And they are refusing the payment on this argument. It is already said Nithin turned down some amount to Akhil Akkineni too due to the losses.

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