Vote for TDP to get respect !!

 January 26 2016 at 5:24   184    GHMC Elections TRS TDP BJP Congress MIM Hyderabad

Vote for TDP to get respect !!

Yesterday TRS minister said, one needs to vote for TRS in order to get married. Now TDP MLC Rajendra Prasad said if Seemandhra settlers want respect in Hyderabad they should vote for TDP and make sure the party wins in GHMC elections.

The minister while campaigning requested all Seemandhra Settlers to vote for TDP-BJP combine in Hyderabad. They said they need to vote in order to earn respect and rights.

He also promised to give all rights and interests in Hyderabad. Rajendra Prasad asked Seemandhra settlers to learn a lesson from people in Old City of Hyderabad who kept their faith on MIM and used to vote always for them. He said, "As Old City People voted for MIM and ensured its victory in all the elections they command respect from all people and parties in Hyderabad.

If Seemandhra settlers need this, they should make sure TDP wins the election. They should not fall as a prety to TRS. They are making false promises on treating all the people equal. But they will pay the price for it in future. TRS will never treat Seemandhra people in a good way."

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