Who killed Sarika ?

 November 05 2015 at 4:18   342    Rajaiah Warangal Elections Congress Sarita Fire accident

Who killed Sarika ?

The big issue now in the state is that Sarika’s murder or suicide or accident. Being the daughter in law of EX MP Congress Rajaiah Sarika has married Anil son of Rajaiah in the year 2002 and was back to India during 2005 when the extramarital affair for Anil is out during 2005 she filed a complaint on both his father and Anil at that time The case is still in the court.

And Now a huge blast took away 3 kids and Sarika. Gas leak is said to be main reason for the death for Sarika. Sarika earlier filed complaints that her mother in law mother of Anil has got married to another women because of intolerance and they have been planning to kill her too.

Anil and Sarika are said to be so closed during their engineering days and used to work for IBM in the earlier days.

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