Why did lokesh go to USA?

 November 08 2015 at 16:06   322    Chandra Babu naidu Nara lokesh Andhra pradesh

Why did lokesh go to USA?

Did AP CM Chandra Babu's son Lokesh flew to USA? Is so why did he got to USA? This is the heated discussion going on in Andhra Pradesh political circles. 

Many are suspecting some strong political reason behind Lokesh's US visit. Lokesh played key role in coordinating with TDP cadres during Amaravathi foundation laying ceremony. 

He ensured that all TDP workers work hard as if Amaravathi was their household function.Lokesh at the same time organised his son Devansh's Annaprasana in a grand manner. 

Sources say Lokesh might have gone to US for short vacation. TDP sources however say Lokesh is on official visit and some important decisions will be revealed soon. 

It is known that NRIs responded tremendously for My Brick-My Amaravathi initiative from TDP. He is planning to highlight that in his US trip. He is also planning to invite NRI industrialists to adopt villages in the state.  

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