Will Kona succeed ?

 January 04 2016 at 4:18   186    Kona Venkat Dictator Gopi Mohan Gummadi Kaya Balakrishna

Will Kona succeed ?

The sudden disappearance of Kona Venkat from media focus is analyzed from the perspective of back to back failures suffered by him as a story, dialogues and screen writer. In company of Gopi Mohan, definitely Kona touched the lowest ebb of his career with panning criticism targeted ruthlessly. However, Kona appears to have remained silent for a while agreeing the failures because times can never be the same.

What made him make a comeback before camera lenses is unknown but his presence at ‘Dictator’ Gummadi Kaya function is like a surprise for audience and media people. From a positive perspective, Kona should be quite confident on hero Balakrishna and director Sriwass to take ‘Dictator’ on a hit verdictand give him a break.  

Hits and failures are quite common for those in film industry. Who best can understand this other than Kona Venkat? Let us wish all the best to entire ‘Dictator’ team and hope that the film performs awesome at Pongal Box Office.

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