Will TDP accept Pawan's plea ?

 August 24 2015 at 8:38   281    Pawan Kalyan BJP TDP Janasena

Will TDP accept Pawan's plea ?

Pawan's day at Penumaka is said to be one of game changing one. The Janasena party Chief Pawan Kalyan made a calm visit with sensational impact to Penumaka. During this he made it clear that he can go to any extent until justice is done to the people who voted for the parties.

Pawan took a dig at the senior leaders and said "We need to build a Capital with happiness and not in tears. Minister Ravela Kishore Babu says I'm am creating an issue for after-all 3,400 acres? Why did TDP MP Muralimohan moved Supreme Court for 1/2 acre he lost in Outer Ring Road? Take the lands if farmers offer them happily or by convincing those who were reluctant."

Pawan further gave a call to the senior leaders and said, "I wish Galla Jaydev & Murali Mohan pay attention to the issues of the farmers. CM Chandrababu Naidu should deal farmers issues on humanitarian grounds and not like a business deal. What will be the situation If TDP doesn't form the government in 2019?"

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