Women's attacked on Keechaka director

 October 29 2015 at 17:05   358    Keechaka Women Attack Director Rape

Women's attacked on Keechaka director

Movie Keechaka is in news these days for showcasing heroine in various worst cases, NVB Chowdary the movie’s director was attacked by large group of women  for portraying women in bad light in this movie. Keechaka is a movie based on real incidents out of which movie consists of 15 rape scenes which are so brutal.

The trailer itself raised the eyebrows of women organisations. The ladies first asked the director to remove all kind of scenes in the movie but he did not make it happen. They attacked him at the film chamber, First they called him up to talk to him regarding this movie and they promised a non violent chat with him.

The ladies were in so anger when he came in. Film chamber people were so surprised and worried to seen this happened right in front of them and women organisations asked the censor board to ban this film too.

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