7 Earth-size planets orbiting single star discovered

7 Earth-size Planets Orbiting Single Star Discovered

In a major boost to the search for alien life outside our solar system, astronomers have spotted the first known system of seven Earth-size planets...

 February 23 2017 at 6:37     36
Magnitude 9 quake can hit Bangladesh, India: Scientists

Magnitude 9 Quake Can Hit Bangladesh, India: Scientists

Bangladesh and its neighbourhood including India may be hit by a huge earthquake - although not imminent - that could reach a magnitude of nine,...

 July 12 2016 at 13:13     262
NASA camera captures moon 'photobombing' Earth again

NASA Camera Captures Moon 'photobombing' Earth Again

For the second time in a year, a NASA camera aboard the Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) satellite captured a stunning view of the moon as it...

 July 12 2016 at 13:12     255
India successfully launches mini-shuttle

India Successfully Launches Mini-shuttle

India on Monday successfully launched its maiden winged reusable launch vehicle (RLV) as a technology demonstrator, an official said. "We have...

 May 23 2016 at 6:28     248
Ecuador earthquake : Death Toll Increases to 262

Ecuador Earthquake : Death Toll Increases To 262

The Mighty Earthquake has struck Ecuador and it has completely flattened buildings and has shattered day to day lives. The magnitude-7.8 quake, the...

 April 18 2016 at 5:38     270
Sanjay Dutt on Jail Life

Sanjay Dutt On Jail Life

Bollywood Star Sanjay Dutt who was out of jail is spending his quality of time with family. The actor is all set to join work soon. Recently he opened...

 March 19 2016 at 12:40     242
Sanjay Dutt Earned 450rs

Sanjay Dutt Earned 450rs

Actor Sanjay Dutt who was in Jail in possession of illegal arms case has completed his five years jail sentence. He walked free from Pune’s...

 February 25 2016 at 13:50     207
A new planet in our solar system !!

A New Planet In Our Solar System !!

Ever since Pluto has been deleted from the list of planets in solar system for its size, we have only eight planets in the list. But here is the good...

 January 22 2016 at 9:19     175
2015 hottest year in recorded history

2015 Hottest Year In Recorded History

Blistering heat blanketed the Earth last year like never before, making 2015 by far the hottest year in modern times and raising new concerns about...

 January 21 2016 at 5:44     310
4 dead, 100 injured : 6.7 Magnitude Quake Hits India's Northeast

4 Dead, 100 Injured : 6.7 Magnitude Quake Hits India's Northeast

A 6.7 magnitude earthquake hit the country’s remote northeast region before dawn on Monday, killing at least four people, injuring 100 others...

 January 04 2016 at 4:31     295
6.4 magnitude quake hits China’s northeast

6.4 Magnitude Quake Hits China’s Northeast

A 6.4-magnitude earthquake on Saturday struck northeastern China. The quake struck Linkou in Heilongjiang Province at 12:22 am (local time) at a...

 January 02 2016 at 11:21     306
Earthquake in Indonesia: 7.1 magnitude

Earthquake In Indonesia: 7.1 Magnitude

An earthquake of magnitude 7.1 struck 174km southeast of Indonesia's eastern island of Ambon on Wednesday, the US Geological Survey said. There...

 December 09 2015 at 15:24     384
5.9-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Northern Afghanistan

5.9-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Northern Afghanistan

 A 5.9-magnitude quake struck northern Afghanistan late Sunday, the US Geological Survey said, jolting the Indian capital and parts of Pakistan...

 November 23 2015 at 1:47     293
6.0-magnitude quake jolts Indonesia

6.0-magnitude Quake Jolts Indonesia

A 6.0-magnitude earthquake jolted eastern Indonesia on Saturday but no tsunami alert was issued, the Meteorology and Geophysics Agency said. The...

 November 21 2015 at 16:49     302
Scientists Crack Mystery of Mars Missing Atmosphere

Scientists Crack Mystery Of Mars Missing Atmosphere

Scientists have documented a solar storm blasting away Mars' atmosphere, an important clue in a long-standing mystery of how a planet that was...

 November 06 2015 at 4:04     327
Earth is going to end ?

Earth Is Going To End ?

Rumours about the world would come to an end have been doing the rounds for quite a while now.While these rumours have been swirling for years and no...

 November 04 2015 at 14:44     2,650
Live Updates: Pakistan, India and Afghanistan rocked by earthquake

Live Updates: Pakistan, India And Afghanistan Rocked By Earthquake

A powerful earthquake has struck south Asia, with tremors felt in northern Pakistan, India and Afghanistan 10.00am GMT Are you in Afghanistan,...

 October 26 2015 at 15:13     382
Minor Earthquake in Delhi, Adjoining Areas

Minor Earthquake In Delhi, Adjoining Areas

Minor tremors have been felt in parts of Delhi and the National Capital Region. The tremors were felt around 1:40 am for a few seconds. There...

 October 10 2015 at 4:00     277
Chile earthquake: one million people evacuated

Chile Earthquake: One Million People Evacuated

As it nears 3am in Chile, one million people are on the streets taking refuge from a major earthquake, which has been followed by flooding and waves...

 September 17 2015 at 9:05     297
Amaravathi is in earthquake danger Zone

Amaravathi Is In Earthquake Danger Zone

Amaravati, the planned capital city of Andhra Pradesh, lies in the earthquake zone-3, said Hyderabad IIIT Earthquake Engineering Research Centre head...

 July 27 2015 at 11:48     417
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