Women's attacked on Keechaka director

Women's Attacked On Keechaka Director

Movie Keechaka is in news these days for showcasing heroine in various worst cases, NVB Chowdary the movie’s director was attacked by large...

 October 29 2015 at 17:05     358
Censor Cuts 30 Rape Scenes

Censor Cuts 30 Rape Scenes

Sexual assault against women in Indian society is a burning problem regularly discussed on big public platforms and cinema is a medium which can show...

 September 10 2015 at 5:07     358
15 Rape scenes in Keechaka movie

15 Rape Scenes In Keechaka Movie

Even a single rape scene can have lots of impact on us and will give a bad feeling while watching the movie. What if a movie has 15 scenes in a single...

 August 17 2015 at 19:38     643
kichaka Movie censor report

Kichaka Movie Censor Report

రివెంజ్ త్రిల్లర్ గా వినూత్నమైన స్క్రీన్ ప్లే తో...

 August 01 2015 at 15:34     244
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