Walk The Talk with Housing.com co-founder Rahul Yadav

 September 19 2015 at 17:22   69  

"I am famous for all the wrong reasons," exclaims Co-founder of Housing.com Rahul Yadav in this very candid Walk The Talk. Work is his mantra and he has been like this since childhood where he used to devote 15-16 hours a day to studies. Mr Yadav says that he "doesn't think himself to be an entrepreneur" but more of a "problem solver". He says he believes that private companies are not building sustainable businesses and sacrificing quality over quantity. Rahul Yadav says that he did everything for Housing.com from buying furniture to managing sales and denies accusations that he ignored management. He wants to hire only 20 year old for his new venture and is looking for investors. On asking whether he is going to do something different this time, Mr Yadav smiles and says "I will have more fun".